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About Us

A One of a Kind Touch

Our Story


The inspiration for One of Kind early learning center was developed throughout my journey in Early childhood education. From the beginning of my career in early childhood I noticed two things: Each child develops in their own way/time and that all children are not receiving the same quality of early childhood experiences. I have spent my career intentionally developing classrooms, programs, and teachers that create high quality experiences for young learners. 

All of these experiences fueled my passion for creating change in the early childhood education field. I developed a voice and knew that I had to use it by creating a program that sets the standard by providing an equitable experience for all children. 

This school is my love personified. I hope that your experience with us is

One of a Kind. 

-LaDoris Lee, Owner/Director

Our Philosophy

At One of Kind early learning center, our philosophy reflects the concepts of Magda Gerber’s Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) , Reggio Emilia, and Maria Montessori.

Starting in infancy we trust our students to be initiators, explorers, and self-learners in a safe, appropriate and nurturing environment. We encourage freedom by providing open "yes spaces" that allow for uninterrupted play and interaction among all students in our program. Our collaborative approach involves our students in all care-giving activities to allow them to be a part of the process versus just experiencing it.

We include our families by not only teaching them about Early Childhood education but also allowing them to teach us about their child(ren).

Our center is also inspired by the teachings of Maria Montessori. We acknowledge all children as individuals by creating autonomous learning experiences that promote independence. We implement grace, respect, and courtesy into our programming.

As in the Reggio Emilia approach the classroom is the third teacher. We boost a prepared environment that encourages continuous learning by appealing to various learning styles. Our classrooms are arranged with diverse, equitable, and inclusive materials that are representative of various cultures.

Our curriculum reflects the interest of our students and is written by our dedicated diverse staff utilizing research-based methodology. Each staff member is encouraged to create bonds with children and their families. Each staff member takes the time for meaningful observations to learn about the children’s needs and preferences. Although we do not appease every preference, we work together as a team to make decisions that are best practice and best for the outcome of our students. At our center, we learn together, grow together, and love together.

Happy Circle

What Parents Think

My son had Ms. LaDoris for 2 years as a teacher and director as well as a personal sitter for our family. Ms. LaDoris is kind, compassionate, and very well organized.

She truly cares for each child and their well being. She also holds students to high standards that she knows they can achieve. She believes in fostering independence and allowing students to explore their interests. We couldn't be happier or more thankful that our son's first school experience was with such a thoughtful and attentive teacher. Ms. LaDoris has a wonderful future as an educator and we can't wait to see how she shapes early childhood education as she continues on her journey.

-Interi Family

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