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 We are Accepting Applications for this current school year!


We are excited to welcome your family to our school!

Please contact us to start the conversation! 

For more information contact us at



Our tuition is income based. Please contact us for more learn more about our funding opportunities. 


If you are interested in sponsoring our program please contact us

to learn more about our funding   opportunities. 

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  • What are our classroom ratios?
    Our ratios exceed the required teacher to student ratios required by the state of Illinois. Infant 1:3 Toddlers 1:4 Preschoolers 1:4 Gifted 1:5
  • What programs are offerred?
    We offer an Infant, Toddler, Preschool 5 days a week full time and a Gifted Program 3,4, or 5 days a week. We only offer fulltime enrollment for our youngest learners to promote consistency in their routines and to encourage ultimate utilization of our progam.
  • How do we communicate with families?
    Our program utilizes the BrightWheel App! This tool allows us to be in two way communication at all times. We also utilize this tool for payments, attendance, developmental/learning data and daily photograph and video documentation.
  • How are meals prepared?
    Our meals are created in our very own kitchen with our James Beard award winning chef/nutritionist. After becoming a father Chef Michael learned the value in providing enjoyable meals for children. Our Chef creates healthy, enjoyable meals that respects dietary needs, preferences, and infuses culture. Our food is locally outsourced including vegetables from our own garden. Meals are included in tuition. (This includes meals with dietary restrictions) We provide Breakfast, Am snack, Lunch, and PM snack to each learner excluding infants that solely use Breastmilk and formula for their nutritional needs. Daily leftovers are available to anyone who needs them without judgement.
  • What is a typical classroom schedule?
    Infant Schedule Details Children Arrive (Leisure time) Greeting Routine care Self-directed activities in play areas Upon arrival everyone entering room must wash their hands. Swings, bouncers, rockers and exersaucers. Mid-Morning (Social-emotion/Language Dev.) Nap for some, routine care for others Planned play: teacher-directed Activities for some, self-directed for others Outdoor Play Circle time: Morning greeting, song, and faces. Teachers will perform movements with the infants to promote motor development. Teacher will stress communication so to develop language skills. Outdoor time if weather permitted. Afternoon (Gross/Fine Motor) Lunch Clean-up after lunch Nap for some Teacher-director activities for babies who are awake Play time will consist of floor time which could include ball play, rolling, blocks, mirror/tummy time, peek a boo, bubbles. Water play, texture/art activity. Music time (Movement songs) Mid-Afternoon (Cognitive/Language Dev: Quiet Time) Routine care Nap for some Teacher-directed activities for babies who are awake Outdoor play Story time, mirror time, Music (Classical/Nature sounds), swinging, one on one time with teachers/assistants. Outdoor time if weather permits. Activity boxes. Late Afternoon (Social-Emotion: Home Transition) Self-directed activities in play areas Routine care Talk to parents Clean up room Set up for next day End of the day song! Children are free to just be! The room will be open for free play! As infants departure, some areas of the room will be closed off for cleaning.
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